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SuperO Spaera PAX East!

Spaera will be making an appearance at PAX East with our friends at SuperO! We will be running giveaways all throughout the event. SuperO is also running a raffle for amazing giveaways! Here are the rules to participate! Supermicro Gaming […]


PAX East – Amazing Fans and Fun!

We had such a great time meeting new fans at PAX East. Congrats to everyone who won prizes and we hope to see you in our community soon. The PAX build of Spaera should be updated to Steam within the […]


Patch Pacing Adjustments

Patch In this patch, we’re experimenting with new patterns for added garbage lines to help increase the pace of the game. They’re intended to be a bit harder to clear than before, but with more blocks to clear in […]


Patch, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All! In order to lessen the mental load on players, shape difficulty has been toned down. In exchange, we’ve introduced a new type of block, which in essence, is a “double block”. These blocks need to be […]


The State of Spaera, 2017

Hello Everyone! We’d like to discuss the current state and direction of Spaera as we prepare for a 1.0 Release candidate. Ever since we moved away from the Tetris style gameplay, the journey has been filled with ups and downs. […]


Christmas Colors Patch

Patch Based on the feedback and testing from our Discord channel, we are increasing the number of colors in blocks back from 3 to 4. This change should help increase the viability of chain setups by reducing the chance […]


Tutorial and Pacing Patch

Patch We are introducing a tutorial mode that goes over the very basics of the game with this patch. While this probably won’t be very useful for most of you who are reading this and are already experts at […]