Author: BlazingOrb


Tutorial and Pacing Patch

Patch We are introducing a tutorial mode that goes over the very basics of the game with this patch. While this probably won’t be very useful for most of you who are reading this and are already experts at […]


Pacing Patch

In this patch, we are exploring certain system changes to increase the pace of the game, and the frequency of magic abilities used. We have been busy restructuring our server architecture to improve stability and better prepare us for upcoming […]


The Shadow Patch

Hello All! Today’s patch covers mostly quality of life updates and bug fixes surrounding the UI and game animations. The most visible change is the addition of the Drop Shadow, which makes it a lot easier to plan your combos. […]


The LEON Patch

Greetings! Today we are re-introducing the 8th playable character for the initial version of Spaera, Leon. As many of you might recognize him from our initial Beta, Leon has been placed on the sidelines since the huge system change last […]


Spaera is at EVO 2017!

Hello Spaerites! We are extremely excited to announce that Spaera will be showcasing again this year at EVO 2017 with the MIX Indie Exchange!  If you will be there, make sure to come by and chat about all things gaming. […]



With the previous change to orbs, the concern was that meter gain is too bursty and inconsistent. We like how orb clearing is consistent with the behavior of other colors, but we agree that unless the player is proficient at […]