Humble warrior of the earth, Harvest Champion Pone

Drawn out from his quiet and honest life by the events of the Final Fusion, the Harvest Champion Pone emerges as a beacon of good and virtue in order to combat the encroaching darkness. Even as a retired hero, Pone‘s gentle demeanor is only matched by his fervor for justice. He sets out to use his prodigious strength to restore order to the world, and return in time to harvest his crops.


With 1 Hindrance move, 1 Defensive move, and 2 Attacks, Pone’s moveset is straightforward and powerful, yet well-rounded. His playstyle is one of read and react, determining the right timing to attack or defend.

Level 1 (HINDRANCE) – One Punch

Pone performs a punch that pierces through the air and stuns the opponent, messing up the opponent’s controls. While stunned, the opponent’s left and right buttons are reversed, and similarly for their rotation buttons.

Level 2 (ATTACK) – Lava Geyser

Pone jumps up and performs a fierce punch at the ground, causing the opponent’s board to rise by 3 lines. A straightforward attack that increases the opponent’s board height.

Level 3 (DEFENSE) – Sky Splitter

Pone dashes in and splits his board into two. A very powerful life-saving skill that can potentially clear most of the board if used twice within a short time span.

Level 4 (ATTACK) – 1000 Shattering Fists

Pone launches a barrage of punches at the opponent, producing bricks onto the board. This is a very powerful skill that is most effective when the opponent’s board is high or at least half filled.