Pone is a retired hero who has been enjoying life on his ranch, who transforms himself into an ultimate fighter of might when drawn into combat. Faithful to his appearance, his play style is straight forward and based on force, and is a very well-rounded and powerful character.

The Moves

Pone has 1 Hindrance move, 1 Defensive move, and 2 Attacks. Being a well-rounded character, his play style is mainly to read the situation and determine whether it’s to attack or defend.

Level 1 (Hindrance) – One Punch

Pone performs a punch at the air, so powerful that the impact stuns the opponent, and messes up the opponent’s controls. While stunned, the opponent’s left and right buttons are reversed, and similarly for their rotation buttons.

Level 2 (Defensive) – Sky Splitter

Pone dashes in and splits his board into two, with the impact causing non-orb blocks to gravitate towards the ground. A very powerful life-saving skill that can potentially clear most of the board if used twice within a short time span.

Level 3 (Attack) – Lava Geyser

Pone jumps up and performs a fiercepunch at the ground, causing the opponent’s board to rise by 4 lines. A straightforward attack that increases the opponent’s board height.

Level 4 (Attack) – 1000 Shattering Fists

Pone appears and launches a barrage of punches at the opponent’s board, shattering numerous blocks, producing holes in the board. This is a very powerful skill that is most effective when the opponent’s board is high or at a height near the center.