A hero that fights fire with… water! Joseph is an all-around fighter equipped with the latest flame fighting technology and tools for every situation.

The Moves

Besides Tsubaki, Joseph is currently the only other character that has a skill of every type, making him a very well rounded fighter.

Level 1 (Hindrance) – Hydro Splasher

Joseph drops down and hangs below his portrait, and goes into a sniping position. Whenever the opponent shifts down or rotates, Joseph shoots water at the opponent’s current piece, causing it to spin wildly out of control.

Level 2 (Defensive) – Hose Lasso

Joseph jumps in and uses his fire hose to lasso the bottom 4 lines of his board away. This is a straight forward Defensive skill that only removes lines, but is very effective due to the number of lines it does remove.

Level 3 (Technical) – Raging Waters

Josephs slides in on water and then proceeds to splash water at the opponent’s board, washing away and acquiring all of the orbs on the board.

This is very useful when the opponent has many orbs on the board that they haven’t cleared, but has no effect if there aren’t any orbs present.

Level 4 (Attack) – The Brickinator

Joseph rides on a cart and then shoots cement all over the opponent’s board, making all of their blocks into brick blocks that need to be cleared twice to disappear.
Since this affects blocks on the board, it is best to use this skill when the opponent actually has a decent amount of blocks on their board.