The wisdom of many ages, Celestial Wizard Luna

Frozen in time, this mischievous wizard takes on the form of a young girl. While her motives are unclear to others, the eternal trickster Luna sets out amidst the chaos of the Final Fusion to unravel the secrets of the magical anomalies that are now scattered across the land. One of the last practitioners of the fabled Celestial Magic, Luna‘s lifespan is greatly altered by the power that she possesses. Is her playful attitude a ruse, or is there a deeper and more sinister reason behind her pursuit of the Spaera?


As deceiving as her sweet appearance is, Luna has a very aggressive play style, being always on the attack. Her offensive magic spells are very powerful, while her defensive ones pale in comparison.

Level 1 (HINDRANCE) – Luna Eclipse

Luna casts a spell of darkness unto the opponent’s board, making everything on the board invisible except for the area lit by the opponent’s current piece.

Level 2 (DEFENSE) – Ion Beam

Luna melts the left and right columns of her board, with the blocks near the middle gravitating downwards. This is a relatively weak Defense skill, but can still be a lifesaver.

Level 3 (ATTACK) – Curse of Venus

The opponent’s board is set in a cursed state such that the board is raised by one line each time a piece lands.

Level 4 (ATTACK) – Luna Punishment

Luna’s ultimate spell summons a meteor from the skies and rams into the opponent’s board. The opponent’s board then has 3 lines added to the top that contain colors that don’t appear in pieces.