Despite her youthful appearance, Luna is known as a powerful wizard who has lived through many ages. She has a playful and mischievous personality, constantly searching to alleviate herself from the boredom of living for too long.

As deceiving as her appearance is, Luna has a very aggressive play style, being always on the attack. Her offensive magic spells are very powerful, while her defensive ones pale in comparison.

The Moves

With a rather aggressive play style, Luna has 1 Hindrance skills, 1 Defensive skill, and 2 Attacks.

Level 1 (Hindrance) – Luna Eclipse

Luna casts a spell of darkness unto the opponent’s board, making everything on the board invisible except for the area lit by the opponent’s current piece.

Level 2 (Defensive) – Ion Beam

Luna melts the left and right columns of her board, with the blocks near the middle gravitating downwards. This is a relatively weak Defense skill, but can still be a lifesaver.

Level 3 (Attack) – Curse of Venus

The opponent’s board is set in a cursed state such that the board is raised by one line each time a piece lands. During this state, all lines added are brick blocks that need to be cleared twice to be fully cleared.

Level 4 (Attack) – Luna Punishment

Luna’s ultimate spell summons a meteor from the skies and rams into the opponent’s board. The opponent’s board then has 3 lines added to the top that are all brick blocks.