Paranormal expert extraordinaire, Occult Channeler Harland

No mystery is too great for the Occult Harland!  He has traveled the land dispensing aid to those plagued by supernatural forces.  Preferring the term “spirit-tamer,” Harland attempts to not only help those being haunted, but also to help those spirits proceed on to their afterlife.  Widely considered to be an expert on the supernatural, Harland earned his fame as a ghost hunter and adventurer before finally settling down and using his lifetime of experience to teach as a professor and lecturer.  However, sensing unrest in the spirit world as a result of the Final Fusion, Harland takes up his trademark cloak once again and prepares to calm the spirits one final time.


Harland possesses 2 Technical skills, 1 Defensive, and 1 Attack. He is a well-rounded character that has some quirky moves that require being able to read the situation well to use effectively.

Level 1 (TECHNICAL) – Orb Eater

Harland summons an Orb Eater that gobbles up one of the opponent’s orbs and disappears. An Orb Eater is a special type of spirit that feeds off the energy of orbs, and possesses special enzymes to digest them.

Note that if the opponent does not have any orbs, nothing will happen. This is best used to deny the opponent from activating a desired skill.

Level 2 (DEFENSE) – Gas to Solid

A group of spirits are summoned to fill in the blanks for the bottom row of Harland’s board, allowing him to clear them the next time Harland lands a piece.

This is a very versatile move that lets Harland clear a line, set up for chains, and attack the opponent.

Level 3 (TECHNICAL) – Phantom Paynes

Harland summons a group of worker ghosts known as the Paynes. The ghosts tears down the opponent’s board and rebuilds it to be the same as Harland’s board.

This is considered a Technical skill as you can possibly save your opponent if your board is in a better state than theirs before you activate the skill.

Level 4 (ATTACK) – Tweets of Afterlife

Harland appears and transforms into a spirit bomb. The explosion causes the appearance of a word on the opponent’s board made up of brick blocks.

Since brick blocks don’t match any colors, this skill tends to create a mess in the opponent’s board.