Quiet as a leaf on the wind, Arboreal Ninja Tsubaki

Having lived among in harmony among the trees for many generations, the Arboreal Ninjas serve as the silent guardians of the woods. Among them, the young Tsubaki has grown to be the most skilled in the ninja arts of replacement and deception specific to her clan. Carrying a ceremonial golden axe as a mark of her unparalleled skill, Tsubaki watches over the forest with unwavering determination. Her pure heart and loving kindness for all woodland creatures spurs her onward to protect the wilderness from the ravages of the Final Fusion.


Despite having a little bit of everything at her disposal, Tsubaki works best when played aggressively as her offensive skills tend to outshine her defensive ones. Her main sources of attack are Timberland Jitsu and Nature’s Miracle, while All Your Orbs serve as threat to opponents who are looking to charge up their meter.

Level 1 (HINDRANCE) – Jungle Mirage

When Tsubaki executes Jungle Mirage, a magical vine is summoned to her enemy’s board. Instead of getting distributed what is seen in the preview area, Jungle Mirage causes the opponent to receive a piece different from what they see.

The effect is subtle, but the results can be quite an annoyance. Spaera is about planning and speed, and Jungle Mirage is designed to slow down the opponent by nullifying the opponent’s planning for the next piece from the shared deck in the center.

Level 2 (DEFENSE) – Timber Land Jutsu

Timberland Jutsu is Tsubaki’s defensive skill. Tsubaki summons tree stumps to lift her opponent’s board and sends the bottom two lines over to her opponent. Even though Timerland Jutsu is considered a defensive type skill, it is really a hybrid skill that also serves as an attack skill.

Level 3 (TECHNICAL) – All Your Orbs

All Your Orbs is a tactical skill that, like others of it’s type, must be used with precision timing. When activated, Tsubaki will attempt to steal her opponent’s magical orbs. If Tsubaki’s opponent does not currently have any orbs to steal, the skill will do nothing and it will be a wasted effort for Tsubaki.

Nevertheless, this is one of Tsubaki’s most devastating skills. Used at the right moment, she can deny her opponent their next attack and at the same time, gain an offensive or defensive advantage.

Level 4 (ATTACK) – Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle is a powerful attack skill that requires precise timing in extracting maximum effectiveness. When activated, Tsubaki will attack her opponent’s board with the forces of nature. The existing blocks on the opponent’s board will be turned into air and air will be turned into blocks.

As mentioned, timing is crucial. Use Nature’s Miracle when the opponent’s board is sparsely populated.