Forged in soldier’s discipline, the Slumbering Swordsman Leon

It’s rumored that the mercenary Leon earned his title the Slumbering Swordsman due to the ease with which he defeats all challengers. Winning a fight takes so little of his focus and attention that he may as well be sleeping. Upon seeing him however, one may start to wonder how much is myth and how much is simply onlookers trying to fill in the blanks as Leon himself is a terse man of few words. Is he moving forward because he is a hero, filled with responsibility and conviction, or does he simply want all to be put at ease so he can take a well-deserved rest?


One glance at Leon and you immediately notice his inability to stay awake and focused. He is the ultimate sword wielding hero, wrapped in a package of procrastination. It is our hope that each character carries with it traits that our fans can readily identify with. In this spirit, Leon is the hero we all know we are or can be, but we will get to it after this quick cat nap. His abilities in the game accurately represent these traits.

Leon has 2 Defense type skills, 1 Offense skill, and one Technical type. As evident in his skill list, Leon’s play style is defense oriented with a counter-attacker mentality. His moves tend to be powerful when used in the right situation, but can also be useless if not used correctly.

Level 1 (DEFENSE) – Slothy Guard Stance

When performed, Leon appears on the screen, and dozes off. He stays there for some time, waiting for incoming line adds. For every line the opponent sends over while Leon is present, Leon slashes and burns away the incoming attack. This skill is useful when you see your opponent clearing multiples lines. However, if the opponent does not clear any lines during this time period, this skill produces no effects.

Level 2 (DEFENSE) – Swift My Sword

Leon jumps up and slices the top 3 lines off the board. This is a defensive skill that takes effect immediately and helps clean up your board from the top.

Level 3 (ATTACK) – Slash Slash

Leon flies through the air and slices through the opponent’s board twice, producing two slashes of double blocks, which need to be cleared twice.

Level 4 (TECHNICAL) – Thrust of 9000+

Leon’s ultimate skill where he turns his heat blade’s energy level setting to over 9000 and thrusts his blade unto the board. While the board is heated up, clearing a line melts the rest of the blocks on the board to a cascading effect, potentially triggering a huge number of line clears! Note that since orbs do not melt, they are unaffected by the cascading effect. This skill is best used when the board is filled up with blocks.