Tutorial and Pacing Patch


Tutorial and Pacing Patch


We are introducing a tutorial mode that goes over the very basics of the game with this patch. While this probably won’t be very useful for most of you who are reading this and are already experts at the game, this hopefully will help ease new players into the game. The mode is currently located under Story mode if you wish to check it out, and we’d greatly appreciate any feedback! As for a more advanced tutorial, that is something we hope to work on at a later date.

Game System Changes

One of the feedbacks we’ve been receiving lately is that the Chain Multiplier mechanic feels more like a distraction and the game would be better off without it.

When we added the Chain Multiplier, it was done in hopes to change large clear setup playstyle from high risk low rewards, to at least high risk high rewards. In Spaera, setups are innately high risk due to the potential threat of opponents’ abilities that can wipe away your hard work. Chain Multipliers are supposed to make them more gratifying if someone does decide and manages to pull off a successful setup.

However, that doesn’t mean that players should feel like they are punished if they aren’t doing chains. We are currently entertaining the thought of removing Chain Multipliers completely, we wanted to try one tweak and also hear your feedback.

  • Decreased the number of block clears required to send a line to the opponent from 7 to 6.
  • 1 chain and 2 chains now share the same multiplier.

Now players are guaranteed to send at least one line every two clears even without chains. This should help end game survival as well as increase the pace of the game.

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