Patch, Happy New Year!


Patch, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All!

In order to lessen the mental load on players, shape difficulty has been toned down. In exchange, we’ve introduced a new type of block, which in essence, is a “double block”. These blocks need to be cleared twice, but maintains the same color once the first stage is cleared. The “brick-blocks” have also been changed as the clearing mechanics for those are a little too confusing, again adding to the complexity problem. Of course, these are radical changes so look forward to some balance changes in the next few patches.

Game System Changes

  • A new block type that requires clearing twice has been added, dubbed the “double block”
  • Play Pieces now occasionally spawn with double blocks
  • Panic mode increases the rate of double block spawns
  • Brick blocks only require clearing once by proximity now, as opposed to twice. As such, it also falls naturally without staying stuck.
  • We’ve added difficulty settings to the story mode, which will receive more tuning in the coming patches

Balance Changes

  • Pone’s “1000 Shattering Fists” has swapped to level 4 and now uses the new Brick Blocks, with a fixed pattern
  • Pone’s “Sky Splitter” has swapped to level 3
  • Harland’s “Tweets of the Afterlife” now uses the new Brick Blocks
  • Joseph’s “Brickinator” now uses the new Brick Blocks
  • Setter Z’s “Burst Hurricane” has been changed to push the top of his blocks to the opponent’s board
  • Leon’s “Slash Slash” has been changed to add double blocks instead of bricks

Known Bugs

  • Board blocks may animate incorrectly some of the time

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