Archive: 2014 October


Leon Move Descriptions

Introducing Leon’s moveset. One glance at Leon and you immediately notice his inability to stay awake and focused. He is the ultimate sword wielding hero, wrapped in a package of procrastination. It is our hope that each character carries with […]


Beta Update 3 – Leon

Hello Everyone, Today I will be talking about a character that was inspired by old school fantasy games and novels. We knew we wanted to pay homage to our childhood favorites such as Final Fantasy, but the character would have […]


Tsubaki Move descriptions

This is the first in a series of character introductions that will display each of the character’s moves and play style. As mentioned previously, Tsubaki has a special spot in our hearts being our first designed character, and therefore we […]


Introducing the Game System

Greetings! As popularly requested, we have put up a page explaining Spaera’s game system. As time goes on, we will further expand on the page and add more details. The page can be found via the menu up top, or […]


Beta Update 2

Hello Everyone, Today I would like to share some history on a special character in our hearts. She was the first character Teddy and I conceived and in many ways, paved the road for the game to become what it […]


Beta Day 1

Hello Beta Testers! We are getting some great feedback and I can’t stress enough how much we appreciate you taking the time to test run our game. Now that Spaera is openly available, I would like to answer some common […]