Beta Update 3 – Leon


Beta Update 3 – Leon

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be talking about a character that was inspired by old school fantasy games and novels. We knew we wanted to pay homage to our childhood favorites such as Final Fantasy, but the character would have to fit in with Spaera’s whimsical undertones.

Introducing the Slumbering Swordsman, Leon


One glance at Leon and you immediately notice his inability to stay awake and focused. He is the ultimate sword wielding hero, wrapped in a package of procrastination. It is our hope that each character carries with it traits that our fans can readily identify with.

In this spirit, Leon is the hero we all know we are or can be, but we just need a quick nap before realizing that potential. His abilities in the game accurately represent these traits. He has 3 defensive moves that may make him seem very stale, but you better watch out when Leon wakes up and uses his level 4 super move.


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