Archive: 2014 November


Introducing Setter Z!

Powered by technologically advanced machinery and cybernetic weapons, Setter Z boasts equipment that is on the cutting edge of science and engineering. No one knows his roots, but one thing is certain, he is a relentless servant of justice. He […]


Rafael Moves

As mentioned in his character introduction, Rafael has a bit of crazy in him, and it reflects in the moves that he uses. He has moves that feel very random, while others seem bizarre to those who are unfamiliar with […]



Similar to Leon, Rafael is a character that was inspired by fantasy games and anime. He is essentially a rock star born in medieval times, which meant that he had no choice but to become a bard instead. But being […]


Spaera Patch 0.7 is UP!

A new patch is up! The most requested features – ranking and leader boards are here! Version 0.7 Patch Notes **Note** All Previous Records and Account data will be wiped and therefore everyone will need to create new accounts Players […]