Spaera Patch 0.7 is UP!


Spaera Patch 0.7 is UP!

A new patch is up! The most requested features – ranking and leader boards are here!

Version 0.7 Patch Notes

**Note** All Previous Records and Account data will be wiped and therefore everyone will need to create new accounts

Players will now be assigned a rank based on their performance online. There will be a calibration period before your rank is determined.
Rank emblems will be displayed in online matches for both participating players. Challenge others and see how high you can climb on the leaderboard!

-Player One and Player Two board colors are now different
-Updated the design of blocks on the board

Whats New:
-Once you have played enough to be Ranked, the Main Menu will have a tally of your points and your current rank emblem
-Clicking / Selecting the “rank” region in the Main Menu will display the current Global Leaderboard
-Miscellaneous graphical updates (See if you can spot them!)
-Holding the “TAB” key after each Match in the Results Menu will show you a detailed breakdown of match statistics

Bugs Fixes:
-Miscellaneous bugs and performance fixes

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