The Shadow Patch


The Shadow Patch

Hello All! Today’s patch covers mostly quality of life updates and bug fixes surrounding the UI and game animations. The most visible change is the addition of the Drop Shadow, which makes it a lot easier to plan your combos. We know this has been a highly requested feature and we got around to adding it in! We’ve also tweaked some spells here and there.

Balance Changes

  • Harland’s Orb Eater only takes away exactly one meter, leaving partial meters alone.
  • Harland’s Tweets of the Afterlife has new Pixel Arts!
  • Joseph’s Raging Waters now has a 2x bonus per orb stolen

UI Changes

  • Drop Shadow added to current play piece

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some Leon spell animation glitches
  • Fixed some animation glitches for Pone’s Lava Geyser
  • Fixed Personal leaderboards. They are now functional again
  • Fixed some layer issues with some spells

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