For this patch, we’ve made some tweaks to the multiplier formula.  In particular, we’ve made the multiplier a bit more mild and capped after reaching a certain number of chains.  The other change was to reduce the number of lines required to send a line from 12 to 7.  The main goal with this change is to increase the power of regular clears and improve end-game survivability as players near the top are more likely to rely on single clears rather than chains.

Here are the patch notes:

Gameplay changes

  • Multiplier power is reduced, and does not increase after 4 chains.
  • Number of blocks required to clear to send a line is reduced from 12 to 7.

UI Changes

  • We are experimenting with a new look for our blocks.
  • Added a visual indicator for partial orb meter gain by the orbs themselves.

What’s Next

Orb clearing has been a concern for us, and based on the feedback we are receiving, it appears that we are not alone.  We have some ideas we’d like to try, so stay tuned for our next patch.

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