Spaera 2017 Refresh Patch


Spaera 2017 Refresh Patch

As previously we previously mused about, the big 2017 patch is here.  Some of the thoughts that went into the big changes in this patch can be found by clicking here:

We are looking forward to discussing all the changes with you on discord!

Gameplay Changes

  • Overflowing Blocks on the top of the board are no longer cropped during a clear.  After cascading, if a block is still left overflowing on top, the player loses the match.
  • Orb Clearing mechanics have been changed.  Magic orbs can now only match with each other as a match 3 color or they can be cleared via horizontal or vertical explosions.
  • Normal playable blocks now come in only 3 colors.
  • Off-color blocks only appear in specific spells such as Luna’s “Luna Punishment” spell.
  • Board dimensions changed to 21 by 10.
  • Added a myriad of new pentaminos.
  • Orb and Exploder spawn location rearranged on play pieces.
  • Adjusted block clearing combo multiplier to be more aggressive.
  • Garbage lines generated by each player’s combos now cancel each other out before being applied.
  • Timer till Panic Mode is increased from 150 to 200 seconds.
  • Players start with an empty board now.


  • Adjusted many spells to accommodate different board dimensions.

Known Issues

  • There are some performance issues in this build mainly due to an engine upgrade.
  • There are some board glitches where the incorrect block will be displayed for a short period of time during cascading effects, brick magic and other parts of the game
  • There are some UI layer issues littered throughout the game.
  • There is a slight lag to the game when a player is invited to a private match.
  • There are some errors to displayed combo Hits calculations.

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