Evo Patch

21 Evo Patch

We’re back from Evo 2016 with the build that was showcased, plus more fixes!  For those who just recently joined, the Beta is mainly for testing online mode, so offline modes are disabled for now.

With that said, here are the patch notes!


Balance Changes

  • Fixed some messages from Harland’s level 4, Tweets of Afterlife, from being clipped off the board.

Graphical/Feature Additions

  • Key customization!  Key configuration will be reset to Spaera mode on update.  Remember to customize your keys if you had different settings!
  • Added Xinput gamepad support.
  • Added move descriptions back into the character select screen.  They can be invoked by holding down TAB or the Magic key.
  • Removed the numerical indicator for metered orb gain, and replaced the red addlines meter with a blue meter to indicate metered orb gain.  Specifically, filling up the meter gives you an orb.
  • Added text display for chains and number of blocks cleared.
  • Limit framerate up to a maximum of 90 fps
  • Adjusted menu animations and transitions
  • Tweaked game over board animation.

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed some issues regarding disconnects.
  • Fixed animation regarding line adds
  • Fixed a bug where Rafael’s level 1 ability, Segmenta Da Capo, would sometimes crash the game.
  • Fixed some weird behaviors that occurs when clearing bricks that had an orb inside it.
  • Fixed issue where music was not looping seamlessly.  (Special thanks to sharp eared MBI)
  • Misc Bug Fixes.

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