Spaera “Greenlight” Patch!


Spaera “Greenlight” Patch!

Spaera Patch is LIVE!

System Changes

  • Instant Drop “Speed UP” Bonus has been temporarily removed for revisions and tweaks.
  • The board dimension has been changed from of 10 columns by 21 rows to 9 columns by 19 rows.
  • Brick Mechanics have been retuned and balanced
    • Brick blocks can now be “morphed” back into normal colored blocks by being in proximity to a normal clear.
    • When you activate a clear by matching 3 or more blocks, any adjacent bricks blocks will be morphed back into a normal block.
    • Being in proximity to an explosion does not morph bricks back to normal colored blocks.  Only natural clears will trigger the morph
  • The frequency of appearance of the primary 4 colors have been adjusted.  The 2 extra “off colors” have been removed from the spawning queue.
  • Panic mode now comes 50 seconds sooner at 150 seconds, down from 200.

Balance Changes

  • Rafael’s Lingering Intermezzo duration increase from 4 turns to 7 turns.
  • Rafael’s Skyward Cadenza’s potential number of lines cleared has been increased from 2-5 to 2-6.
  • Joseph’s Brickinator now bricks the whole board again.  Ruh Roh.

Graphical Fixes/Additions

  • Added placeholder particle effects for confirm drops
  • Various UI Elements have been updated

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed a glitch where the piece in play may disappear for a split-second before landing.
  • Fixed some bugs and graphical glitches that occurs when clearing happens near the top of the board
  • Fixed a bug in the login flow for invalid accounts
  • Overall performance fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed graphical glitch in Rafael D
  • Fixed some glitches in Pone’s 1000 shattering fists.
  • Fixed some missing animations in Luna, Setter, and Tsubaki Spells
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Misc. UI bug fixes


Hotfix :

  • Fixed bug where Character Select Buttons get stuck on screen indefinitely
  • Fixed bug where players disconnect from the opponent during the Character Select Screen
  • Fixed bug where Luna’s Ion Beam did not clear Wildcard blocks
  •  Fixed Game Results message box text drag bugSpecial thanks to ZyphDoz and RabidDuck for helping to find these bugs!



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