Spaera Patch Features Patch!


Spaera Patch Features Patch!

Spaera Patch is LIVE!

System Changes

  • A meter has been added that counts the number of blocks you have to clear before automatically gaining a meter.  The value is currently set at 35 and both the UI graphics and the feature/balance is still very experimental.
  • CPU has been updated slightly

Graphical Fixes/Additions

  • Added an effect for blocks added to your opponent’s board or vice versa
  • Added a line and arrow indicator showing your board height after having lines added or vice versa
  • More details have been added back to the GUI and screen transitions
  • Various graphical glitches in spells and and other areas have been fixed

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed character select crash that happens sometimes when an online match is found (Thanks MBI and Martin!)
  • “Server Limbo 1” and “Server Limbo 2” have been fixed.  Thanks to all of you for the data to fix this!

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