Spaera Mechanics Patch!


Spaera Mechanics Patch!

Spaera Patch is LIVE!

System Changes

  • Added a new block type, Graphically displayed as an orb wrapped in a golden frame.  This block type acts as a wildcard and also clears a whole horizontal row when triggered.
  • Adjusted “blocks cleared to magic” meter from 35 to 70
  • Block clearing attacks are now applies without deducting opponent’s clearing, meaning one line of attack will send one line over regardless if the opponent was also about to add one line to you in that turn.
  • Changed block attack rate to 12 blocks cleared per line attack
  • Adjusted the color rate of each spawned piece from the deck.
  • 2 more “panic mode” colors have also been added into the spawn pool at a significantly low rate

Balance Changes

  • Removed “gravity effect” from Luna’s Ion Beam
  • Removed “gravity effect” from Pone’s Sky Splitter

Graphical/Feature Additions

  • Added Rank Emblems

Bugs Fixes

  • Implemented some performance enhancing tweaks
  • Fixed certain spells displaying the distribution deck incorrectly
  • Fixed certain character select screen control bugs

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