Spaera Beta2 Patch


Spaera Beta2 Patch

Spaera Patch is LIVE!

System Changes

  • No Major system changes except Replay Button is disabled as it was accidentally leaked into the last patch.  Don’t worry guys, it’ll be back when it’s working as intended.

Graphical Fixes/Additions

  • Fixed Setter Z’s Level 2, Burst Hurricane, not shifting some blocks properly
  • “Ready, GO” in the beginning of a match has been brought back into the game
  • Some scene transitions have been cleaned up
  • More scene details and graphics added back into the game
  • Fixed a bug causing graphics to be set to the incorrect state at the very beginning of the game
  • Added “loading” indicator when game connection is unstable while the game is trying to recover

Bugs Fixes

  • Implemented Network related fixes for stability
  • Various UI related bugs fixed such as being able to select disabled characters and thus crashing the game. (thanks ZyphDoz)
  • Possible Fix for Pone’s 1000 Fist causing lag.  Please try it out and let us know if the issue has been resolved.  (thanks MBI and Martin)

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