Spaera Beta2 Patch


Spaera Beta2 Patch


Spaera Patch is LIVE!

System Changes

  • Magic Orbs are no longer wildcard blocks.  Magic was too easy to obtain and clear, making the total “value” of a piece with an Orb too high compared to other piece combinations.  Orbs can now only be cleared in two ways:  Being part of / in a cascaded explosion OR in proximity of a 3 block matched clear.   We feel this better fits the new playstyle of the system and was a better option than making magic orbs more rare.  Joseph’s level 3 is now also useful again.  Yay!
  • We have experimented with adding 6 random lines and 2 magic orbs to both sides of the playing field right from the beginning so players can start problem solving, attacking, and planning right off the bat.  We think it makes the game feel more fast paced and exciting, but as always, please give us your feedback in the discord channel.
  • During Panic mode, two extra colors have been introduced into the attack lines added from your opponent.  These colors can only be cleared by matching up with each other or through explosions.  They essentially act like bricks with the minor bonus of being able to be matched up to each other.

Character and Balance Changes

-There has been an overall effort to nerf defensive spells to fit our current system to encourage more offensive playstyles.


  • Nerfed Gas to Solid to changing only one line.  The line will consist three blocks of an EX-color.  Clearing any block after this will guarantee an explosion clear, but overall should make it harder to use as a survival skill.


  • Skyward Cadenza has been changed to randomly clear 1-5 lines instead of 1-7 lines.


  • Hose Lasso now clears 3 lines instead of 4.


  • Sky Splitter is now Pone’s level 4 spell instead of his level 2 spell.
  • Lava geyser has been reduced to adding 3 lines instead of 4, due to it now being a level 2 spell.


Graphical Changes and Fixes

  • New Updated *placeholder* graphical blocks that fills cells completely on the board.  When we moved to geometric shapes, the feedback was that blocks were still easier to understand/see.  We took a hybrid approach here and now we have full blocks with geometric shapes embedded inside.  ***We are still looking for feedback, so if you are affected by color blindness, please let us know if this is better or worse or just as good as the previous shape based blocks.***
  • Block Clearing animations have been slowed down slightly in order to make cascades and clears more visible.
  • Misc. UI and graphical updates.



  • Some network related bugs have been fixed


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