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We just pushed a significant update, 7.4.2. The game mechanics are a little different now as we have included a drop speed bonus and a line add bonus mechanism.

Drop Speed Bonus:
Confirm drop via the Up Button is now separated into 4 speed tiers. The play starts at Speed Level 1 and with each subsequent combo, the tiers go up to a maximum of 5. Faster confirm drops will make game piece contention more interesting. Gaining Drop Speed for combos also reward players who tend to stack higher.

Line Add Bonus:
When 4 or more lines are cleared together, an extra attack line will be added to the clearing player’s opponent. This should give players more incentive to build up bigger clears.

Full Patch Notes:
=====New Features======
– Bonus line for attacks: Whenever 4 or more lines are cleared in a single clear, an additional line is sent to the opponent.
– Speed ups: Doing consecutive line clears now increase the speed of your confirm drop.
– Made next piece deck arrows also indicate which player is going to land first if neither player moves.

=====Bug Fixes====
– Improved Game pad support for multiple controllers.
– Misc. bug fixes

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