0.7.1 Patch Notes


0.7.1 Patch Notes

Hello everyone!

We’ve just released patch 0.7.1 today with some balance changes and bug fixes. Check out the patch notes for more details!

If you haven’t had a chance to try the game yet, join the beta now!



New Features

  • Added ability to drag resize the window.

Balance Changes

Harland (aka the glasses guy)

  • Tweets of Afterlife:  More patterns are added to the move to add more personality and randomness to the character.


  • Hydro Splasher: Reduced duration by 2 pieces.  As a hindrance move, this was lasting for too long considering the effectiveness of the move.


  • Kogoro Stance: Increased duration by 1 piece to make it easier to use and harder to counter.


Setter Z

  • Setter Cannon: Reduced duration by 1 piece.  Being Setter’s only true attack move, we wanted the move to be damaging.  However, lasting for a total of 4 pieces was too much.

Graphical Updates

  • Updated the incoming lines bar to be more obvious.
  • Pone’s Lava Geyser looks more awesome now.
  • Made miscellaneous graphical updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Rafael’s Skyward Cadenza had a graphical glitch where it was not clearing lines containing brick pieces.
  • Made frame rate more consistent and efficient.
  • Luna punishment had no effect when the opponent had no blocks on their board.
  • New Challenger sound did not play when the music was turned off.

***Special thanks to IceWolf66 for the feedback and suggestions!

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